"Remember, it's for the kids" has been our organization's motto and philosophy. It has been our mission to offer equal opportunities to both boys and girls between the age of 3 and 14, to participate in the sport of soccer. Respect for other players, coac

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Recreation Coaches Information

Check here periodically for important Coaching information for all Recreational Coaches.

Player Development Guide


  • The OSS Player Development Guide outlines the goals, approach and objectives of the Ocean State Soccer School with respect to the development of youth soccer players.  It is important that all OSS Coaches read, comprehend and abide by this Guide to the best of their abilities.

    Link to PDF version of the Guide :  please click here

Training Plans

Whether you are a first-time coach or have years of soccer experience, it is always important to have a well thought out Training Plan for your practices.  Here are some basic guidelines for Youth Rec training sessions : 

1. Choose one theme or topic to focus on for the entire session (i.e. dribbling, shooting,
2. Follow a progression from simple/basic skill instruction at the beginning of the session to
    more challenging activities towards the end of the session
3. Introduce the activity briefly (20-30 seconds), demonstrate quickly and then let the kids
4. Don't be afraid to improvise if something does not work or the kids do not seem to be
    having fun; move on to your next activity
5. Try to create a soccer problem the kids can solve on their own : for example, ask them how 
    they might stop the ball from rolling?  Answer : use the sole of the foot.

Provided below are 3 examples of Training Plans for an 8-week season.  Each document contains
8 pages (one page for each week with a different theme).  (Click on the title to launch the pdf file)
Each plan has a "Description" that describes the setup and execution of the activity, as well as "Coaching Points" which should guide you on how to instruct the players during the activity.

U6 Training Plans (30-35 minutes in length)

U7 Training Plans (45-50 minutes in length)

U8 Training Plans (60 mins in length)