"Remember, it's for the kids" has been our organization's motto and philosophy. It has been our mission to offer equal opportunities to both boys and girls between the age of 3 and 14, to participate in the sport of soccer. Respect for other players, coac

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The Ocean State Soccer School Philosophy

"Remember, it's for the kids"

...has been our organization's motto and philosophy. It has been our mission to offer equal opportunities to both boys and girls between the age of 3 and 18, to participate in the sport of soccer. Respect for other players, coaches and officials, as well as teamwork, safety, and physical fitness are our most important goals.

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Background Information

Ocean State Soccer School (OSSS) was founded in 1983 for the purpose of teaching young athletes how to play the game of soccer in a non-competitive and fun environment. The organization was formed, as there was a great need at the time and now to teach the developmental aspects of the game, as opposed to the win at all costs play that was prevalent. This philosophy of fairness and fun for all youths has been a huge success as evidenced by our strong growth. From less than 60 players at the beginning to as many as 1000+ children spread amongst 90+ teams per season.

Our Facilities (as seen from space) 

Our Fields

The Organization

OSSS is run by all Volunteers, who donate their time to participate on the Board of Directors, to coach the children, to teach referee skills, to run the concession stand, to maintain the fields, along with all of the administrative aspects of operating a league. There are 3 main aspects of our soccer school :

  1. Recreation Program : ages 4 to 16, both Fall and Spring seasons, beginner to intermediate skills.  All games played at OSS fields on Saturdays.
  2. Competitive Program : ages 8 to 19, both Fall and Spring seasons.  For the more advanced player.  Tryouts held annually for team placement.
  3. Referee Program : ages 12 to Adult.  Classes held in July and August for certification.  Youth referees work at all Recreation games and more skilled referees are assigned to Competitive games.

In addition to running a full slate of soccer games every Saturday and Sunday during the Spring and Fall seasons, OSSS runs Coaches Clinics and runs a Referee Development Program. The Referee Program is taught by OSSS and certified by the Rhode Island Referee Association. The organization continues to strengthen the quality of the coaching which has a direct affect on the player development. Therefore, we provide coaching clinics and will implement an age specific youth licensing program.

The organizations outreach includes players and families from 18 towns throughout the State of Rhode Island, primarily the towns of Warwick, Exeter, East Greenwich, and North Kingstown. In total, we provide organized activities for approximately 1000+ children aged 3-18 during the Fall and Spring seasons.  In addition, we provide a Summer Soccer Camp in conjunction with the NK High School coaching staff.  It should be noted that we are one of the few programs in Rhode Island that offer non-competitive soccer in both the Spring and Fall seasons.

Our leagues are age specific and not gender specific. Our Under Age 5 and Under Age 6 programs are the only ones of their kind in the area, each season providing instruction activities for approximately 300 children in those age groups alone. Our emphasis on learning and fun has enabled us to fill a void in the community, primarily the Town of North Kingstown, which has also resulted in our continued growth from other area communities. With the acquisition and further improvements to the property, it guarantees a stable, safe environment where we can provide continued growth with our development philosophy which serves so many young children and their families. It also enables the community the chance to preserve a sizeable block of open/recreational space, averting the loss of this property to residential development. In addition, by preserving the open space it protects the Towns largest water resource (the Hunt Aquifer), and continues to preserve plant and animal life. By maintaining the existing recreational space it eases the burden on the other community leagues that are already being maximized.