"Remember, it's for the kids" has been our organization's motto and philosophy. It has been our mission to offer equal opportunities to both boys and girls between the age of 3 and 14, to participate in the sport of soccer. Respect for other players, coac

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Rosters/Virtual Passes/Training Suggestions

Check here periodically for important Coaching information for all Competitive Coaches.

Printing Rosters from GotSoccer

1.  Where to find SRI certified rosters and passes in your GotSoccer Club account - click HERE.

2.  Where to find SRI certified rosters in a GotSoccer Team account - click HERE.


Virtual Passes

How to access Virtual Passes - click HERE.               

NOTE: Virtual Passes are accessed from the GotSoccer Appnot from the database.  If coaches want access to their passes without online access they need to screenshot each pass and save the passes in the photos on their phones.


Player Development Guide

  • The OSS Player Development Guide outlines the goals, approach and objectives of the Ocean State Soccer School with respect to the development of youth soccer players.  It is important that all OSS Competitive Coaches read, comprehend and abide by this guide to the best of their abilities.
  • Link to PDF version of the Guide :  please click here


Training and Game Plans

  • The Player Development Guide references several forms and templates for both Training and Game Planning.  :
    • Best Practices for Developing Soccer Players in the US : Player Development Guidelines (PDF)
    • Sample Technical Training Plan  :  Sample Plan : Excel  or  PDF      Blank Plan : PDF
    • Sample Tactical Training Plan :  Sample Plan : Excel  or  PDF          Blank Plan :  PDF
    • Sample Game Plan :  Sample Plan : Excel  or  PDF                           Blank Plan :  PDF
    • FIFA 11+ Warmup Exercises :    Summary (PDF)     Details (PDF)