"Remember, it's for the kids" has been our organization's motto and philosophy. It has been our mission to offer equal opportunities to both boys and girls between the age of 3 and 14, to participate in the sport of soccer. Respect for other players, coac

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OSS Risk Management

Welcome to the OSS Risk Management page.  In this section we will include important information related to the safety and risk management of our players, staff and visitors.

1.  Medical Release Form

Please on the link below to launch a copy of the Medical Release Form that is generated during the Player Registration process.  This form can be used in the event you were unable to print the form at the conclusion of the Registration process.

Medical Release Form

2.  Injury Form

Please click on the link below for a copy of the OSS Injury Report.  This Form should be filled out for any injuries that occur to an OSS Member, during either Training or Match play, home or away.  It is the Coach's responsibility to ensure the Form is completed and delivered to the appropriate OSS Board member as instructed on the Form..

OSS Injury Report

3.  Team Risk Management Guidelines
The information below contains general guidelines that all Coaches, Team Managers and Parents should follow with respect to all OSS teams :
- Players must always travel in groups of three when leaving the Field or Gym to visit the Rest Rooms.
- After a Match or Training, one Coach will remain at the Field or Gym until all players are accounted for and confirme to be with their Parents or designated Guardian.

- Training Fields or Gyms must be surveyed prior to any activity to ensure basic safety rules are being following, including :

                - No dangerous objects within playing areas.
                - Goals are properly secure.
                - Playing surface is free of holes, ruts or any other inconsistencies.
                - Access and exits for medical personnel are clearly marked or identified.

- At least one Medical Kit will be present at all Training Sessions and Matches.

- Each Coach will have a Medical Summary sheet for the entire team, which lists Dentists, Doctors, Hospitals and Emergency Contact along with known allergies and any other medical conditions.

- Coaches will file and OSS Injury Report Form immediately after any serious injury to a player, coach or visitor.