"Remember, it's for the kids" has been our organization's motto and philosophy. It has been our mission to offer equal opportunities to both boys and girls between the age of 3 and 14, to participate in the sport of soccer. Respect for other players, coac

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Coaching Memo's

Dave Murphy, former OSS Director of Technical Training, observed OSS teams in action in both Training and Match play.  In this series of memos, Coach Murph is providing feedback to the Competitive Coaches.  Please be sure to read Murph's inputs and incorporate them into your Training Sessions.

            Murph's Memo May 2, 2009 : Progression Can Improve Finishing

            Murph's Memo May 17, 2009 :  Game Day Coaching

            Murph's Memo February 9, 2010 :  Speed of Play - Receiving

            Murph's Memo March 13, 2010 : Supporting Positions : U12 and Above

            Murph's Memo May 1, 2010 : Defending in the Final Third ; Center Backs and Center MIdFielders